A post about coincidence…

Sule Pagoda,

Sule Pagoda, early morning, no traffic.


I don’t know where to begin this story… too many incidents are confusing my mind. Or teasing it….

It all began during my meditation at Sule Pagoda… one of my favorite morning places when we are in Yangon. At 5:30  am you can feel the power from all the locals doing their morning pujas. This combined with the very powerful full moon the last days is definitely the reason behind all the thoughts and memories that was and still is circling inside my head.

In 1993 Annette was at Carlsberg Brewery where she worked with the breweries world wide communication – including the internationally acclaimed Trolley Campaign with the pay off Probably the Best Beer in The World…. underlining fantastic photos from the most fascinating locations all over the world – all with the green Carlsberg Trolley forcing it’s way to the international beer lovers with ice cold Carslbergs.

The master mind behind these amazing photos was Bent Rej. One of my big heroes mostly due to his classic portraits of my teenage heroes like Dylan, Zappa, Stones (check out his book) and most of the other superstars from the 60ties and 70ties. His assistant and location scout was Jannick Christensen – a friend of mine who created Palæ Bar in Copenhagen city – one of the best jazz bars in Copenhagen, an oasis for bohemians, creatives and stylish drunkards… (Jannick’s mother Annie Bel-Khar was my childhood fairy… since I first saw her exotic beauty with my parents at Drop In or Galathea in the 60ties).



From “The Rolling Stones – In The Beginning” by Bent Rej


One day Annette brought home a folder with lots of hard copies of Bent’s latest photos. Among them a series of different motives from Burma – one of the new Carlsberg markets back then.

When we saw them they blew our minds. Especially the sunsets from the top of Shwesandaw Pagoda in Bagan. It was as if we belonged there – as if parts of us recognized what we saw.

Obviously Bent got it – he felt our passion. At an opening of new works the same year he handed over a print with the most  magnificent photos Shwesandaw Pagoda ever taken! Either the same year or the year after we went to Burma for the first time – a travel that changed our lives spiritually, adventurely, mentally….

Yesterday we returned to Yangon. We arrived directly from the airport to our first meeting with real estaters who had arranged this visit’s first program in our search for the house for Tings Yangon.

When we got online at our hotel in the evening the first mail I got was one from Claus – my good friend and gastronomical guide who runs Restaurant Gammelmønt – the best cuisine in Copenhagen and ‘home’ for Den Røde an intimate society of gourmets initiated back in 2008 by Kongstad, Juul and myself. Thanks to the www I have been able to manage the club from where ever I have been in the world. First by weekly mail outs to its members later by webmastering Den Røde’s blog.

Like so many other times Claus mailed me an invitation for his upcoming Gallery Opening.  and asked me to invite teh member of Den Røde. This time an exhibition entitled For Himlen’s Skyld – with works by (DA-DA-DA-DAAAAA) – Bent Rej!
It was this mail that started creating circles during my meditation. Circles I normally don’t allow to distract me – but this time I started to follow… they turned out to be funny parts of my life.
Circle 1: Bent Rej’s photos that kick started our Myanmar dream pops up out of nowhere while we are on our probably most important visit to Yangon?

Circle 2: Claus who’s ‘take-no-prisoners’ way of living is a big inspiration to me – he is the catalyst…  

Circle 3: Bent’s assistant Jannick (our friend) will arrive with the family in Yangon in June where Birgitte starts working for Carlsberg – Birgitte who worked with Annette… 

Circle 4: Both Bent and Jannick has been a part of the Palæ Bar circles… circles I can trace back to before the bar existed… and circles that spread to Kiki’s and also staged a lot of funny happenings in the beginning of our relation ship. We lived ‘next’ door. And Tommy (the waiter) who gave me a de luxe vinyl print of Grand Wazoo way back…

Circle 5: By the first look of it, Claus’ mail seems just like any other mail. But its NOT. This tiny mail represents all my passions and interests… food, travel, friends, beer, Copenhagen, art,… 


You probably wonder what Bent’s picture look like…. Unfortunately I can’t show you the add. It was never finished. But the photo hung above our bathtub until we left for Kathmandu in 2009.
But below is another motive Annette was involved in…


/Thomas, Yangon



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