News from our kitchen…

Sitting at the airport on our way to Yangon emptying my phone for pix.

It’s exactly 3 weeks ago we returned to Kathmandu after 5 weeks combined traveling and work (Tings Yangon) with an enormous energy – and luckily to a very energetic family receiving us.

In these 3 weeks we have managed to change/ renovate two of our rooms, arrange two upcoming Art@Tings events, kickin’ off a new exciting film festival, and a lot of other bigger and smaller things.

But what really impress us are how many new recipes the kitchen have picked up and manage with excellence. And we only realized this while going through  the pictures from the previous weeks.


… well growing salad is NOT an art.

… but baking Bagels like they do surprise our US guests. Especially with our egg salad and fresh garden lettuce.

Next project is home made cream cheese so we can make an ‘original’ salmon SW



And our Cinnamon Buns – rich with a delicious brown sugar/butter/cinnamon/wall nut mixture are so popular that they sell out almost as fast as Annette’s home made Apple Crumble Cake (Sorry – no picture).

And believe it or not… the guys in the kitchen now produce Confit de ‘Chicken’  that impresses our French guests.

The kitchen challenge me – what shall I teach them when I return mid March?

One thing is high on my list – The best hang-over breakfast dish you can get in the World: Egg Benedict (Claus – please mail me the ultimate recipe)

But most impressing – the kitchen now manage catering. So far they have delivered food for three parties with 40 guests each… and our own private BBQ with 20 guests.

…. looking forward to come back.

Namaste Kathmand and Mingalabar Yangon

Thomas/Kathmandu International Airport (sorry for the misspellings – we are taking off NOW)



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