New Exhibition in Barber Mahal Revisited: Amalgam – 2012.

Went to the opening of Amalgam – 2012 at Siddharth Art Gallery

Sudeep Balla has attitude with humor that gives association to old Communist Propaganda posters… (Banksy?) – we LOVE it. Who is the guy on the poster?

As mentioned many times before on these pages we miss the anger and craziness you find with young and up-coming artists around the world.

“I’m 100 % sure that the young Nepali artists are as angry, weird, passionate, horny and /or humorous as their friends in Copenhagen, Berlin, Delhi, Bangkok or Burma where we just returned from a couple of weeks ago…” says Thomas.

There are a few very good pieces, several good ones and a lot of the traditional buddihst/hindu/village-life/pagoda/mountain motives you find everywhere.

But that’s our personal taste.

The exhibition has a lot of works by contemporary Nepali Artists – so if you have the time and would like to get an idea about the local art scene check it out. We are sure you’ll find something you like at reasonable prizes

The exhibition is definitely worth a visit. The Gallery is the most beautiful in town, and the  surroundings are stunning.



Isn’t Amalgam the dangerous stuff the dentist put in your teeth in the 80’ties? This one is hard to crack…

One thought on “New Exhibition in Barber Mahal Revisited: Amalgam – 2012.

  1. A friend told me to comment on Sudeep’s painting.

    I don’t know the exact meaning of Jay Nepal (and none of my Nepali staff can translate it).
    But it’s something you say (or sing) when you want to show how proud you are of Nepal. I also think it used to be the old National Anthem (before the King died)…

    Any way,

    Having lived with the bureaucracy, corruption, load shedding, hopeless politicians, the strikes etc. which is the heritage the older generations pass on to Sudeep’s generation it’s easy for me to I understand the Fuck Finger.

    The same establishment /generation were the majority at the opening… so he literally gave the finger to the viewer…




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