We have no knowledge about trekking – BUT OUR GUESTS HAVE

That’s why we have introduced a Trekking book with trekking tips from our guests

As a lot of you know we do not have all the side business like most (all) other hotels do. We only focus on the business we know about – and that is to make life pleasant for travelers who have been on on the road for a while and need a break:basic and cozy accommodation and simple and healthy food…:-)

But when we’re asked we love to recommend places we like ourselves – restaurants, hotels and/or sights.In Nepal and in other parts of the world where we have been to.

A lot of our guests ask us about trekking. But since we haven’t trekked ourselves we can’t help. And that is a shame.

So know we have introduced a book where our guests can share their experience, advises, ideas and/or suggestions to other travelers.

Benjamin and Patricia from Chile just left us 10 minutes ago – they continue their travel i Thailand. But before they left they inaugurated the book with their experiences from the trek in Annapurna they returned from a couple of days ago.

They love Throng-La pass (coming from Chile where you find magnificent nature like Torres del Peine they know what they are talking about)

Here are their story.


Ask for the book if you want inspiration and help other travelers by sharing your ow experiences and stories.

If you can’t read the text above, down load pix and enlarge 🙂

Cheers and have a good day.




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