We had a fantastic party yesterday with Kiki and our lovely young friends….

This is the 3rd time were doing this – giving the kids at Kiki’s Childrens Home a party as Birthday present.

We’re so privileged to have a lot of friends/sons/daughters/nephews here in Nepal.

A lot of them lives in Kiki’s Children’s Home in Lubhoo 30 minutes drive from Kathmandu/Patan.

Most of the kids don’t know when they are born. So Kiki decided early on to arrange a birthday party for all the kids – and this is on May 18th.

When your kids have birthday – you give them presents.

The first party we went to 3 years ago we decided to give one present for all the kids together. Then we didn’t yet have a house – so we took the all to the local cinema…

The following year Tings was open. So we arranged a party in the lounge. It became such a big success for everyone (including the guests who stayed with us) so we decided to repeat it this year. And that was yesterday.

Kiki and the kids did not only bring huge amount of unconditional love. They also brougth so much sun that the rain got frightened and stayed away the whole day.

So for five hours our garden and lounge was beaming with shining eyes accompanied by the sound of laughter, drums beats… and kisses.

OK – you are allowed to what we did: shed a tear or two

And now you do like Eminem sings: Shaking that ass…

Binod knows (and shows) how to shake his…

To our big – and positive surprise – everyone loved Baal’s, Jit’s & Amand’s home made Penne Pesto with BBQ chicken…(after all it’s NOT daal bath)

Shrejana likes penne pesto

Suhana likes Coca Cola

Jamin’ Nepalee style – (far better that Thamel crap)

Sangita: Second, third…… or was it fourth serving? 🙂

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