A lot of you don’t know about this ‘gem’ just 15 minutes from our door…

A new oasis – 15 minutes from Tings

We have lived in Lazimpat for three years now. And still we keep finding these small places where you can escape and hide with a book if the busy and noisy life of Kathmandu gets too much. Yesterday we went for a walk in the afternoon sun like we have done so many times before…and like (also) many times before we passed by The British Cemetary behind the British Embassy. But tis time we ‘knocked on the door’, entered the gate and found this small oasis:



The British Cemetary reminds us of of one of our favorite spots in Copenhagen: Assistens Cemetary


Go and check out the tombstones… some of them are hilarious. Like Jim Edwards’ (founder of Tiger Tops): He Live Hard.

You also find a piece of Danish history… guess what?



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