Alexis and Manisha finally got each other! We wish you all the love you can imagine!

Kevin’s and Sandra’s special wedding gift..

You know the plot from Shakespeare or Ipsen

… so there is no reason to repeat Alexis’ and Manisha’s story here – but Tings was part of the secret setting 🙂

Alexis and Manisha got married the last couple of days – can’t tell you the exact day because of all the rituals and ceremonies. But one thing we know for sure: NOW THEY ARE MARRIED! And that’s what matters.

Very late last night (or very early this morning) the newly weds got back to Tings from the wedding reception… Their friends (and guests) Kevin and Sandra (and Philip) wanted to surprise them on their wedding night and asked Annette to help pimping up White Lounge where they are staying. Lots of rose petals, candles (you cannot see them on the picture – they were only lit when the newly-wed arrived), flowers and of course a bottle of champagne – for the breakfast on bed next morning.

Isn’t that a wonderful present to get from friends?

(The Buddha in the window is the present from Tings… but Alexis and Manisha don’t know that yet)

We haven’t got a picture of the couple… but Thomas took a mobile snap of the bride the other day after the first ceremoni:

Isn’t she beautiful!

It was hard for Alexis’ friends from Germany to live up to Manisha’s standard especially for the ladies. But they did their best with the assistance from Sabita who was happy to give a helping hand (or hands).

Jit’s wife Sabita helps the ladies dressing up…

It was a little easier for the guys 🙂

Flo is ready to party!

 Finally two thirds of the friends behind Alexis and Manisha’s wedding room.

Kevin & Philip

What about the groom Alexis?

For reasons unknown to us we have no pictures of Alexis – but maybe it’s because he has bee so busy arranging ceremonies, receptions, parties, sightseeing  etc. for his 20 friends staying at Tings.

But Thomas has promised to post a photo of him AND the couple from the BBQ @ Tings later today.

Stay tuned!

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