A sad thing has happened to Kathmandu…

Rember this one:

Bruno Levy’s fantastic piece of Street Art on Kantipat

… now it looks like this:

One more ‘brain’ left Nepal..:-(

Sometimes I don’t understand the political parties that pollute the city with their ugly slogans. Especially when it covers the fantastic art pieces like Bruno’s and the other street artists of Kathmandu. Street art is for the people: It’s free, it’s about their life and it’s part of their daily life…

I know – one of the threads to graffiti is to get ‘covered’ by something else. BUT at least cover it with something as beautiful and intelligent as the piece before…

We still have a couple of Bruno’s works on our walls… so come by if you miss his Big Feet


2 thoughts on “A sad thing has happened to Kathmandu…

  1. So unimaginably sad. Bruno’s art was an intricate part of Kathmandu.it belonged there. It gave the city a sense of beauty and a sense of location finding my way around the city… but above all it’s an insult and violation of art and artist.


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