Sebastian from Argentina plays food at Tings… WHAT AN EXCELLENT EVENING!

Yesterday Sebastian played food with our staff.

You can go to one of the many Hotel/Management Schools in Kathmandu. Or you can get inspiration, insight and a lot of knowledge from experienced chefs like Sebastian who works as Chef at Wooloomooloo Group in Hong Kong…

What do you choose?

We (Thomas & Annette), Tings’ staff, the other guests and Sebastian’s friends had a fantastic evening with great food…

The list of guest chefs @ Tings is long. Sebastian is the second chef from Hong Kong who plays food at Tings – the first one was Salvatore – remember him?

Life is wonderful.

Thomas & Annette



Sebastian is from Bariloche in Argentina. It was here Thomas tasted Dulche de Leche for the first time. One of the home made specialities @ Tings. Very soon our Crepe de Dulche de Leche will enter our menu. The best dessert in the valley.


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