Tings in ONE picture…

Chilling at Tings…

Enjoying this beautiful Kathmandu morning organizing our photos listening to Gaucho and sipping Nes…

My eyes stopped at the picture above…


Because it expresses almost everything of what Tings is about.

It’s Nana’s daughter (sorry, can’t remember her name) chilling.

Nana’s daughter has created her own relaxing spot between the Lounge and the Lobby. She is surfing, reading or just chatting with friends somewhere in the world. Maybe she’s just got back after a couple of hours down-town-trekking.

In the lounge in the background is one of Bruno’s fantastic pieces on the wall… all ‘framed’ by Annette’s relaxed designs inspired and mad locally…

The heater on the floor is ready to be turned on when the cold sets in (you’re not cold at Tings)

Next to the heater is the sub-woofer. Don’t ask me why – but I now exactly what is playing: Einstürzende Neubauten… Berlin Babylon.

One more thing I know for sure… She can smell what’s cooking in the kitchen – she can see the stow from where she sits.

Nana and her daughter are from Denmark but live in Hong Kong. They are on holiday in Nepal with their parents/grandparents from Denmark. True internationals. And of course they meet friends from the past in the Lounge…

That’s what Tings is about… generations, travelers, relations, relaxing, impressions, friendships, casual, communication.

/Thomas – Wednesday morning.


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