A few words from our guests… and from Annette and Thomas.

Yesterday Thomas got this text on his Facebook

Hi there Thomas!
just wanted to let you know that we had a great time at ting’s – you and your staff really have a good thing going on in kathmandu! I felt like home!
Yesterday I made ting’s tea lounge bananacake 😉 Anny gave me the recipe, please tell her thanks for that.. later i’ll upload some photo’s to my FB to show you the evidence 😉
a big hug for all of you!


… these warm words motivated me to check out TripAdvisor.  Something I haven’t done for a while – on purpose!

To focus on ranking gives a very bad energy – and creates a feeling of competition between friends and colleagues which we don’t like. No matter what, we always do our best. We did that before TripAdvisor and we intend to do that without TripAdvisor if necessary.

And we already know how happy our guests are. Last month the staff got their biggest tips EVER!!! We don’t charge the 10% service charge most other hotels do. We leave it to the guest to tip according to how satisfied they are.


Still we got a big kick when we saw all the warming words from people that have stayed with us the previous months:

“Perfect place to relax – If we would ever go back to Kathmandu, we will go back to Tings Lounge Hotel.

“Hidden Oasis” – Annie & Dorji are extremely helpful as are the entire staff – we even had an adlib cooking lesson – chef makes fresh bread every day! The owners Annette and Thomas are very knowledgeable and often around for a chat.

“We had a Ting’s experience :)” – There is definitely a great vibe….and I think it flows down from the owners, Annette and Thomas. They infuse the place with a positive calmness. This seems to transfer to the staff, who are friendly and engaging.

“Quite, stylish – a place to relax near Thamel” – The service at the Ting’s guesthouse is nice – staring from the little breakfast buffet (which has everything you need to start the day) to the tea in the afternoon or a very chilled beer & snacks in the evening. What makes this place so special is it’s charm; its definitely a quieter place, not suited for those who want to party at night, but for those who want to relax.

As said many times before: We really love the reviews! REALLY!

But at the same time they frighten us!

The thing is:  We do exactly what we have done since the opening – maybe just a little better because of the experience we gain everyday.

At the same time our guests expects more and more due to all the positive recommendations on TripAdvisor.

Some month ago we had guests coming directly from Dwarika – the most exclusive and expensive five star hotel in town.  They came only because they had to stay at a #1 hotel in Kathmandu. We can’t (and won’t) compete with that. They should have stayed away!

So please keep your expectations at a realistic level.

Tings is a casual place – like a big family with a lot of friends living in a big house.

Nothing more – nothing less!

If you come with an open heart and open mind – it will make everything much easier.


Annette & Thomas


A lot of the reviews says that it takes 20 – 30 minutes to walk to Thamel. THAT IS ONLY IF YOU WALK ALONG LAZIMPAT RD. AND KANTIPATH
If you take the short cut passing by the British Embassy towards Naya Bazaar it’ll take 10 – 15 minutes to reach House of Music in the northern part of Thamel… ask for directions. This way is much more relaxing and interesting.

For some strange reasons the WiFi doesn’t work for some iPhones and iPads. But we have computers you can use for free. Just ask!

Our mattresses are self-made with the best materials available. They are harder than most other mattresses – but that’s on purpose. It’s better for the backs. If you have a problem – please tell us. If possible we’ll change the mattress to a softer one. And if you need a spring mattress, book the Sunny Lounge.

We DO provide heaters for all rooms. Tings will be the warmest place to stay in Kathmandu.


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