News from ‘Tings Recommend’

We’re back on the blog again.

Our friends and family have stayed with us on and off for the last 6 weeks. We have used this occasion to relax a bit end enjoy their company.

We have stayed a lot at Tings playing an ‘Ordinary family’. But we have also used the opportunity and showed them around town… that means going to different bars and restaurants like other tourists do.

We have used this occasion to review Tings Recommend.

We have removed a couple of our old favorite restaurants – simply because the quality of the food has changed for the worse… and if we do not like it ourselves we wont recommend it to others.

But luckily we have added a few new ones.

Le Sherpa in Lazimpat 10 minutes from Tings is a new French restaurant in the most fantastic surroundings one can imagine. The guys at Le Sherpa really add’s something to Lazimpat.

Well come guys (can we recommend a cheese platter this will suit your menu – Francois makes the most fantastic cheeses)

The other new  restaurant we frequent is FaSTFOODChonGQinGChina. This little Chinese eatery is simply speaking the best restaurant in town… if you like the spicy Schezuan cuisine of course.

But the best thing is all the new places that is under construction. Rumors say that New Orleans (Thamel Bar) is opening on Radisson Road. And when we passed by Lain Chaur yesterday the Roof Top Bar above the Vaude Illy Cafe that has been under construction for a while  was open.

We’ll check it out and come back.

Thomas & Annette

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