Jazz for Dummies – Tings introduction to Jazz#5

I took LSD and listened to Coltrane a lot; a lot of people did

I don’t know when rock musicians implemented jazz in their acts – but I’m sure it happened around the time drug appeared on the scene.  The quote above is Sam Andrew’s – guitarist and founding member of Janis Joplin’s Big Brother and the Holding Company.

Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead nails it further when talking about Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”: That’s one of the records I would hear walking through the Haight on a spring night, all over town. 



#21 A Love Supreme by John Coltrane

I find it very easy to understand Phil and Sam – Coltrane’s spacey grooves carry you away and almost forces you loosen up.


When the jazz scene implemented rock in their acts is a little easier to point out. There may be bands that used ‘rock’ before Miles.

But Bitches Brew was the crossover album.



#22 Miles Runs The Voodoo Down by Miles Davis


One of my favorite Miles Davis tracks… John McLaughlin’s groovy guitar is ART. And in my opinion from the same planet as Coltrane’s A Love Supreme.


Another resident from this planet is Sun Ra….



#23 Space Is The Place by Sun Ra


Space… is from 1974. Still you here it a lot. Especially on the DJ scene…

Jazz is NOT dead – it just smells funny says Frank Zappa on Roxy and Elsewhere from 1974 introducing  ‘Be-Bop Tango (Of the Old Jazzmen’s Church).

Frank Zappa was my introduction to Jazz. Especially Grand Wazoo – and especially this one.



# 24 The Grand Wazoo by Frank Zappa


Zappa has inspired the jazz scene for ages… a lot of jazz artists & jazz bands has his compositions on their repertoire. One of the more well known ones is Jean-Luc Ponti



#25 King Kong by Jean-Luc Ponti  


This is NOT one of the tracks I usually plays. Actually I do not like it at all. But a lot of people do… and a lot of people get inspired to go deeper into jazz or deeper into the fantastic universe of Frank Zappa.

So it’s hard to find a better way to end this session… AND if you a curious about Jazz + FZ this site is a good place to start.




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