Bruno Levy @ Tings: Opens on 28th October from 6 – 8 pm.

For the first time in Kathmandu

You already know Bruno’s works.

His colorful graffiti has decorated walls around town. In Kantipath, Jamal, Ratnapark and a lot of other places. His works has added a whole new dimension to the city. Not only for all of us who live here – even the tourists have noticed this new side of Kathmandu.

After he saw the big piece on Kantipath for the first time (Thomas has named it Brain Drain) it took Thomas 3 weeks to find Bruno. After they met it took only a couple of minutes to convince him to make the series of canvases that will be shown at the exhibition.

The works are magnificent!

We hope you like them – and that it will inspire a lot of other young artists to turn the ugly political statements on  the walls around Kathmandu into art.

Looking forward to seeing you for the opening -where we hope to make the event as colorful as Bruno’s paintings.

Annette & Thomas

More info’s about Bruno Levy here.


More blog postings about Bruno & Street Art @ Tings

Name, prices, sizes etc. on Bruno’s works

Bruno Levy in ECS Living

The Bigfoot Project



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