Jazz for Dummies – Tings introduction to Jazz #4

Namaste Kathmandu! 

Let’s start this morning’s Introduction to Jazz with a jazz track from one of the most jazzy hip hop bands in history… Beastie Boys. Namaste from their Check Your Head release from 1992.



#16 Namaste by Beastie Boys (Sorry – the video belove is not the original one – EMI has stopped it from YouTube)


Is this jazz?…. I thought Beastie boys played hip hop? you might think.

I don’t know – and I don’t care.

The track is great and as good and groovy as a lot of other hard core jazz tracks. Actually Beastie Boys do a lot of similar jazzy tracks – some of them were released on their jazz compilation The In Sound From Way Out from 1996.


Once you get into Beastie Boys you’ll disappear into their universe of samples… if I’m bored I just play Paul’s Boutique which is an endless maze of samples. The guys do a lot of sampling. And a lot of their sound snippets are taken from jazz classics.  Like this one:



#17 Howlin for Judy by Jeremy Steig


This groovy flute kick starts one of my all time Beastie favorites: Sure Shot from Ill Communication. You Can’t, You Won’t You Don’t Stop listening to jazz if the guys turn you on.


Another so called club hit from the 90’ies is this one



#18 Cantaloop by US3


Check out Cantaloupe Island by Herbie Hancock – from his Empyrean Isles release from 1964. Years before the guys in US3 were born.


Another great example of how the jazz classics has inspired coming generation is this one.



#19 Sure Thing by St. Germain (Harry’s Philosophy by Miles Davis)


…. you can hear John Lee Hooker moan in the background and Mile’s Harry’s Philosophy.

As I mentioned in an earlier introduction a lot of the biggest jazz hits from the 40ties and 50ties are covers of contemporary musical songs – especially the MGM classics (maybe I should make an introduction to MGM?).  Jazz musicians covers a lot.

One of the newer and more famous examples of jazz-covers-pop is this one…



#20 Human Nature by Miles Davis


I personally hate this track (and the whole You’re Under Arrest album). But if it can get a new audience to listen to jazz – then fine with me.

Get back to you later with an update on the Jazz Legend Exhibition




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