New on this blog – What to Eat & What to Drink

... looks good! Tastes better.

For the last 3 weeks we have been very busy in th kitchen.

Jit, Ngawang & Tswang have been cooking, baking, eating listening to musing all day long preparing and developing the menu that is finally getting close to what we want.

Much faster than Thomas expected – and with a much better result!!!

The past 1½ week more and more people have found the way to our cozy lounge and enjoyed the results from the days class.

Tasting, commenting and suggesting.

So for the first time we have been close to the feeling and ambience we have worked on for so long time.

And it is fantastic. Not only to meet friends but also to see how people exchange business cards, arrange meetings or ‘just’ chit/chat.

It’s a privilege to  be responsible for new friendships between people.

From now on we’ll post the menu on this blog. With photos, comments, gossip and jokes.

If you get curious you know where to meet us. And if you have weird wishes or dreams then challenge us.

Call us and ask what you want to eat.

The next couple of days we’ll post stories about our small Paradise here in Lazimpat. So if you want to read about what to drink OR read about our small BUT dedicated staff OR get some tips for baking your own bread… then stay tuned.

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