Wednesday 9th February – what’s happening?

It’s me – Thomas.

It’s 5 am and I have just opened the gate so our garbage can be picked up.

And there was at lot!

Both because we’re are cleaning up after the workers – they are finally – but slowly – finishing their work (touch wood) but also because more and more people are coming by Tings Tea Lounge for a curious look, a cup of tea, a beer and a ‘chill’ in our big Fat Boys…

And people stay… and they order food, and they seem to like the place… it’s almost SCARRY after the horrible time we have been through the previous months.

A couple of days ago (last week)  Erik and Marlene came for dinner and we asked Santos and Ushme to join. What they didn’t know was that they were ‘guinea pigs’. The Boys were serving their own food for the first time.

Saturday we got another  reservation from Danish residents friends + their friends.

Monday Bill from Sall’s Pizza brought all his kids and celebrated one of the boy’s birthday…  and yesterday Line and Martin arrived  – Or rather our friend Rasmus picked them up at the airport. They heard about Tings from our close friend Chili John and are now staying in our ‘sunny’ corner room in the main House. They work with Kayaks in Denmark and climb mountains when its off season and this time in Nepal (nice life)… Line and Martin made reservation for dinner and we’re joined by our friends from Paulines that came (spontaneously) for drinks and brought other friends along… pretty hectic but very promising…

Four hours earlier 4 sales reps from Coca Cola came by followed by two executives from the same company an hour later… (don’t they coordinate their visits – no wonder Coke is more expensive than other soft drinks, LOL).

And we haven’t even written about our Mexican Kitchen Workshop with Murray + friends a week ago… a fantastic evening/night where The Boys were introduced to the Mexican Kitchen – and we enjoyed the taste of Chipotle…UHM.

Or about our peaches tree that is blooming..

Time is running too fast, it’s now 7:30, I have to get the bread from the oven, wake up The Boys and ask them to prepare the breakfast – and very soon we are going to the airport to pick up Nina – we’re looking forward to hear about her projects with women entrepreneurship, micro finance and empowerment in Nepal.

Miles is playing Move in the lounge – amazing how young and fresh Birth of the cool still is after so many years…

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 9th February – what’s happening?

  1. TILLYKKE (forsinket) med Åbningen; det er stort. Jeg var forbi din forrige post med slideshow på you tube. Det ser lækkert ud, og The Boys m.fl. I køkkenet kan da kun blive en massiv succes. Vi har sendt jer en pakke i sidste weekend med lidt glittede magasiner I kan bladre i mens I fiser den af i sækkestolene. Var i øvrigt forbi Soundcloud og fandt noget Sound of Copenhagen. Det holder fint! Hvis I skal have noget hjælp med ham tossenakken i Tisvilde må I sige til. Kh Kasper&Ingrid


    1. Tak kære venner – her er fedt. Og for første gang længe kommer der penge ind i butikken.

      Det er godt nok lidt – men det har en kæmpe psykologisk effekt. Og vi får flere og flere bestillinger på værelser. Og det er fede folk her kommer – så stemningen er fantastisk.

      Og vores brød er blevet talk of town!!!

      Tossenakken har vi fortræng sammen med de penge han har kostet os… livet er forkort til tosser.


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