First pix from our photo shoot the other day…

The Book-Shelf-Sofa just outside the Cupboard Room

We are still working on the web site. We are in a kind of a Catch 22 situation – wee need the website to promote Tings. But to make the website we need photos of the rooms, common areas, the lounge etc. But to get the best pictures we need people to provite the right ambience… and to get more people we need the website…

Any way.

We need to start somewhere – so Sunday we had a day long photo shoot. From 7 am until 6 pm. Or from sunrise to sunset.

We have more than 1.000 pictures. 20 of them is now up loaded on this blog. So finally it is possible to get an idea of what Tings is about and get pictures from the rooms in the Main House and Front House.

One thing though… the pictures doesn’t show the vibes we have had in Tings Tea Lounge the last couple of days where travelers from India, Canada, Scotland, Denmark, Norway and locals exchanged ideas, advices and sharing stories over a cup of tea, a chilled Tuborg and selections from our menu

To experience that you have to come and feel it yourself.

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