Spring has arrived in Lazimpat

Yesterday morning was the first day of spring in Lazimpat – at least at Tings.

For the first time this year the beams of the sun broke through the cold mist and warmed up everything around us.  It’s still a little cold – but now it’s changeing towards the better…

So are everything at Tings.

Annette is decorating the rooms with hundreds of antique saris (pix will be posted very soon), the boys are practising enthusiasticly in the kitchen and cleaning up everywhere  when that can spare a couple of minutes. And all around us the carpenters and painters are finishing the furniture.

The Tea Lounge is working perfectly especially after Rasmus installed the sound. People are coming by everyday for a cup of tea, a beer and/or a snack. So if you are in Lazimpat and want to relax a while, dont hesitate…

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