Bryan - you are more than welcome for a Tuborg Gold at Tings

A lot of people have asked us what kind of music we’ll play at Tings. Especially after Thomas’ post on his blog the other day about Bryan Adams’ upcoming concert.

And this morning (6 am) I’m (Thomas)is  enjoying the crispy notes from Miles’ Kind of Blue through our new speakers our friend Rasmus installed yesterday (Rasmus – your help and company is highly appreciated, thanx) – so why not share my thoughts about the music we will play… knowing that all the following is completely irrelevant. Once the vibe is on the music decides itself..:-)


Tings is NOT a club, disco, live venue etc.

The sound level will be just loud enough to create an ambiece that matches the time of the day,  Annette’s interior, the crowd, the food etc. And more important – the sound level will be just loud enough so people can talk, small talk, think and relax …  when we have a party, things will be different of course 🙂

So what will we play?

We will play a LOT of jazz – Miles, Coltrane, Mehldau, Ellington, Adderley, Zappa,  Gordon, Jarret, Hancock, Zawinul, Lady Day, Lester Young, Sun Ra – just to mention a few artist from Thomas’ huge jazz collection…. (Thomas worked for Blue Note for several years and was member of the board of Copenhagen Jazzfestival)

We will also play remix/electronica from artists completely unknown to the Vally – it will not make any sense to mention the artists since most of  them are downloads from the web. But listen to one of the artists that is on our Hi Rotation these day: Morten Vammen – then you get an idea of what to expect. You can also check out Aphex Twin’s catalogue – he can turn a hard core NIN track into a good-night-lullaby…  or Opiate, or MUM

And then there are all the soundtracks from Thomas’ MGM collection. All the Disney Classic, all the Krautrock albums, the 200 Eno albums, the +200 Zappa albums, the Phillip Glass albums etc.

And there is Grateful Dead, Coco Rosie, Einsturtzende Neubauten, Muse, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, NIN, 13th Floor Elevator, Hawkwind and, and, and,…

In other words – we will have a LOT of music.

Won’t we play Old music?

Of course – especially from the DJ Andy Smiths turntable or some of his free down loads – the Document I-III albums are perfect for a Friday afternoon. And Thomas has a exquisite compilation by Lars Top-Galia (Lars – remember them?) – one he made as research for a series of ‘dogme adds’ for Thomas favorite beer Grøn Tuborg in the 90’ies.

And we will play a lot of new music – albums we find ourself and albums from DJ Kjeld Tolstrup’s lists. Unga Bunga will fill the rooms at least once a week…

The whole world scene means a lot to us – local Sukarma gave us one of our top 3 experiences in Nepal in 2010 at a concert that easily could make the same chaos as their world music colleagues from Argentina Bajofondo did in 2009 in Copenhagen where the enthusiastic audience took over the scene at the National Royal Theater and danced with the band while the security watched with tears in their eyes… not from panic, but because they had never seen so much love before…. Sukarma could easily do the same – especially with Jan Garbarek on sax (Kenneth, Stine, Anders and the rest of you guys at Copenhagen Jazz Festival – Jan G. will be proud!!)… BUT  that is another story

And of course we will play reggae (Lee Scratch Perry), tango, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, African AND SALSA-SALSA-SALSA…

What about Classical Music?

Thomas has a problem with that genre… but don’t be surprised if you hear Stockhausen or Zappa or Bowie reading Prokofjevs Peter and the Wolf for the kids… or Hans-Erik Philip And Other Dreams.

In other words – the music will be different from what your hear in Nepal.

It’s not that we don’t like Metallica, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Deep Purple and other other of the soft metal bands from the 80’ies that are heavily copied in Thamel and a lot of other music bars/venues in Nepal. But ther are so much good music in the world that never get played in this country.

And we have NOTHING against Bryan Adams he is a good singer/song writer with very good tracks in his back catalogue. But the hype that is happening in town right now is crazy. And his sound is so far from the ambience we want to create at Tings that he will never get access to the speakers @ Tings Tea Lounge.

And this morning we just got a mail from our good friend and homie: Chrsitian Finne – he is asking for our official opening – he wil come flying and DJ for a night or two.  Christian – we are looking forward to that. To the rest of you out there… the doors opend this Monday – it’s not a secret, just a slow start. And today we will get supplys from our friends at the brewery (Tuborg, Carlsberg, Red Bull).

C U soon

Our good friend Christian Finne is preparring his flight to Tings.

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