Another good review of our friends at Sal’s Pizza

It doesn't pretend to be an original Italian Pizza - but ther ar GOOOD.

Open from 12-9, Sal’s is perfect for a quick bite on a lunch break for those working around the British and Indian embassies, a meal before hitting the live music at Jazz Upstairs or a place to enjoy a casual dinner among friends, Sal’s offers a number of possibilities

Tucked away in the back alleys of Lazimpat, Sal’s Pizza can be easy to miss. Zigzagging down the narrow path behind Jazz Upstairs, if you don’t pay attention, before you know it you’ve reached the alley’s outlet in front of the British Embassy, missing the right turn that takes you to the gates of the restaurant.

But the hunt to find this restaurant will reward you with a treasure hard to find around the Valley: an extremely affordable, simple—yet delicious—pizza. The restaurant itself offers no bells and whistles—limited decor, basic seating and a simple menu. But it does deliver fresh, made to order pizza—even to your doorstep if you live within a reasonable distance….

Read the rest of the review in Kathmandu Post here.

Sal’s is one of ‘Tings Recommend‘. If you like Tings and  if you are restless OR if you are in a hurry you might find a place or two you like…

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