Thomas just created a Tings Classic: Asian omelet with mushrooms.

F**** this one is good.

The chop stick are completely useless

For 2 pax:

First – put on Cocorosie and open a Tuborg

Then: Make the filling

  • Dried mushrooms (soak in hot water for 10 minutes, press out the water – NOW they are ready to use)
  • Fry the mushrooms (sliced) until they have a good ‘bite’ – use sesame/veg oil.
  • Add chopped ginger + garlic + fresh green chili and fry for 30 sec.
  • Season with fish sauce (sorry not 100% vegetarian)

Then: Fry 5 chopped tomatoes for 30 sec. in sesame/veg oil to kill everything. Ad chopped spring onions. Put the Tomato/Onions aside and leave the tomato juice + oil in the pan.

Then: Make the omelet

  • 6 fresh eggs from Lazimpat Road
  • Add one tea spoon of Tingstrup’s suger mix (cane suger stored in a box with South American vanilla sticks (Organic from Mill & Mortar)
  • Fry the omelet in the tomato juice/oil from above.l

Finally: Add the filling (as much as possible) to the omelet while it is still juicy. Fold and fry on both sides while you take a sip of your beer.

Serve on a plate with and decorate casually with the tomato, spring onions and mushrooms that didn’t fit in the omelet. Don’t forget to kiss yout wife and cat.

Try making it yourself or get it at Tings Tea Lounge – the price will be around 250 NRP.

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