Saturday morning at Tings – just before our opening.

Normally it is almost impossible to get our workers to come on the day we agree – once they get their advance money, they simply disappear. And if they do it is alwasy after 10 am (unless they stay here).

1 hour ago – at 6:50 someone  knocks on our door. The wooden floor guy wanted his machine (we have locked it up in our store room to make sure he returns) – the one you use to sand wooden floors.

An unimaginable inferno of noise and dust!

An unimaginable inferno of noise and dust!

Half hour later – at 7:20 am.

One more knock on our door – another worker is outside.

This time it is the repair work of the iron spinal stair to the 1st floor on that starts. More hammering and the awful smell of burning iron.

After today the spinal stair will be safe and decorative

20 minutes later – at 7:40 am.

The 3rd knock on our door.

This time the workers don’t ask – it’s the guys who installed our chimney. They really like us because our posting the picture of our stove on this blog gave them 4 orders from other foreigners living in Kathmandu (who reads these postings, thanks!). They obviously feels like being a part from the family –  and walked straight across our living room, entered the terrasse and climped the roof 3 meters above our bed where Annette tries to sleep.

No! It is NOT fiddlers on the roof!

Right now it just passed 8 am.

I have given up doing what ever you do on the only holiday we have here.

Instead I watch the sun rise with a cup of coffee, Milou on my lap (in front of the computer) and A Love Supreme by Coltrane (Check out my good friend Ronnie Rocket’s blog) and imagine the vibe on a morning in these fantastic sorroundings WITHOUT workers, with Coltrane instead of Hammering, the smell of homebaked bread instead of burnt iron and beautiful guests and a crazy cat.

When the sun sets on this second Saturday of twenty-eleven all floors are finished. Tomorrow we get the furnitures for the tea lounge – so now the interior part starts.

I recommend the De-Luxe disc that was released a couple of years ago.

Are you aware of HOW groovy and trendy this album is - and its from 1956!!!


Blogging with Milou, John Coltrane, Paul Smith and a cup of coffee. JUST RECEIVED REQUESTS FOR 12 NIGHTS - YEAHH

Blogging with Milou, John Coltrane & Paul Smith. The reason why I'm wearing the coat is because I have to run down and kick a workers ass every 10 minutes... I need my hair done.... Nasty I MISS U

2 thoughts on “Saturday morning at Tings – just before our opening.

  1. Gratz with Tings!
    You have looked forward to this for a long time – and judging from the site and the blog, you have manged to create a sanctuary for travelers with just that spirit, you have sought. And Coltrane IS groovy 🙂


    1. … it’s so good hearing from you. remember to come by and say halo if you’re in the neighborhood. Remember to ‘Like us* on facebook – that wil help us spreading ‘the word’. C U… T


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