It’s been a while – but we are alive. BTW Happy New Year

A lot of people have asked us what is happening… why this blog has been quiet for so long …

The answer is simple. We have been extremely busy AND Christmas has hit our life – even here in Nepal.

Actually, Christmas was very quiet – Annette went to Denmark. But New Year was hectic and fantastic – the first one at Tings.

We are progressing fast and by the end of January rooms will be furnished and decorated, the Tea Lounge will move from our Top Floor to the finished rooms on the ground floor and the whole staff areas with office, kitchen, storage etc will be operating as well.

You can get a glimpse of how close we are in the following:

The bathroom on the top is finally finished AND the water is hot (in all the bathroom in the tower)!

We are back in our almost 18 year old routine from Denmark every morning discussing todays program  over breakfast in the bathtub 🙂

All rooms have now hot water. Including the bathtub on the top

Outside we have built two perfect spots for tea drinking – quiet and cozy. The mosaic tiles are still missing.

Want a cup of tea, a chilled beer OR a hot punch (more relevant these days) - the circles will be the perfect spot.

While writing this post the workers are making floors in the remaining six hotel rooms, in all common areas and staff areas including the kitchen. The latter is something you tend to forget, but this ‘playground’ is important: If people feel comfortable and happy, they make happy food.

You can get an idea of the flooring in some of the rooms (+ the common + staff rooms) will be be like on this  pix…

All floors in the common rooms in the main house are parquets from Swiss Kronospan

The only things missing in the Tea Lounge Kitchen is the Swiss parquet. Once its finished the kitchen is ready to use.

Notice the open fire place in the corner. No function at all - except from making a nice atmosphere for the staff!

Our ‘chef’ will start very soon – so we are preparing the snack menu for Tings Tea Lounge.

Here are a few picks of what were are working on right now.

What about an avocado/chili sandwich a la Chili John?

It's avocado season - so why not use this occasion on the menu @ Tings Tea Lounge.

… or a chick peas snack?

This is the most fantastic chickpea/chili/garlic/ginger balls inspired by the visit from our Israeli friends a month ago + what was available at the market that morning. Perfect for breakfast instead of potatoes.

And for the sweet tooth…

Banana cake with brown sugar

A Banana/Brunsviger bastard mix

… and from our new years party

Wild Boa Roast - 6 hours in the oven... UHHM

So 2011 has started – and soon all of Tings will start too.

More pix to follow very soon.

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