Friday 2nd July 2010: Our first morning @ Tings

Our first morning @ Tings

Our first morning @ Tings

The confusion of our chaotic moving-in-day yesterday is still in or blood.

The terrace on the first floor is the only place to get some peace and quiet until the workers are  finish breaking down the wall in the rooms 1 meter behind our chill out mattresses on the picture.

Everything around us is still the same mess as yesterday. But there are lots a lights ahead.

Ansari promised to finish the dirty work of breaking down walls, wowing doors etc. in the two rooms on the first floor in a couple of days. That means that we can arrange a bedroom in the south western room on 1st floor.

And our two metal closets arrived late in the afternoon. The need to dry for a couple of days – but then we can get our clothes out of the bags and start organizing them.

So all ‘n’ all. we’re on right track.

The web is up and running and the connection is surprisingly fast. And except for some minor irregularities the electricity is also working. In other words – we can communicate and work from almost every corner of the house.

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