Sunday 4th of July 2010

Today we entered the competition: How many things can go wrong in a day.

  • The front building, which should have been finished by now, if it wasn’t for an unknown, envious neighbor complaining, has been either stopped permanently OR moved at least 3 feet away from the road… no matter what will happen, it will postpone everything.
  • Our visas which have been for 6 months the previous two periods have been reduced to 2 month which means that we are going through the extension process one more time before we finish the building of Tings and before we can open everything and start earning money. Since the reason for reducing our visa was That we have not started our business -we know exactly what’s going to happen next time.
    It’s true that our business has not started yet. But we have loads of people working on making the the house ready, we have a 10 years lease, we are investing more money, we are talking with future suppliers and other business relations, we are looking for staff and have already our manager,   we ar hyping the project on this blog etc., etc.


    And one more thing – who are we cheating others than ourselves?

  • The bank had closed our account. When Thomas went to Worldlink to pay the final bill and close down our web account from the old apartment, he was handed over a check that was refused by Nabil Bank. Our account has been frozen because they are missing our PAN number. They just forgot to tell us – in other words, we didn’t get a chance to bring it to them..
  • Finally one of Thomas clients in Denmark didn’t pay the forwarded invoices as promised. They are in trouble.
  • … and then of course. The Monsoon has really hit Nepal.

One GOOD thing:
The visual part of Tings Universe is now very close to be unveiled. When we woke up there was a mail from Line and Rikke with a lot of goodies.

Annette is going to present it very soon on this blog. So stay tuned!

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