Thursday 1st July 2010: We’re moving in @ Tings

1½ year ago we arrived in Kathmandu with 4 bags. What happened?

5 am Thomas took over where Annette stopped yesterday. PACKING all our stuff.

7 am Jeet came with a truck + three weird looking guys that most of all look like someone that should have stayed in bed for at least one more week. Of course this first impression turned out to be right. They were slow and didn’t care @ all about our things, breaking pots and plants, paintings etc.

Worst of all is that they just piled up everything in one if the down stairs rooms which makes it impossible to get an overview of our things – and lot of them we really need – and far from the room on the first floor, where we’re going to stay for the next months.

10 am we stopped thinking. Just doing whatever had to be done. Like robots.

10:30 the two electricians came to install the inverter

11:00 am came our contact from our new web provider Subisu to collect money. Yesterday  Rasmus told us that it was possible to bargain with them – so we ended up getting two extra months free + free cable TV (for the guests) because we payed for one year.

12:30 the two Subisu technicians  came to move the cable from  the ground floor to the first floor. The couldn’t make the connection work and promised to send someone else in the afternoon.

After that we stopped looking @ the clock. Dinesh came to check out his electricians, two of the Pants ‘brothers’ that we met @ the wedding last week came by to say hello, and one more unknown guy appeared out of nowhere and started recommending his two friends that are working @ one of the hotels nearby and are desperate to work 4 us @ Tings, Jeet arrived with the truck boys and charged us for three times as much as we could have got the car from elsewhere, the workers walked around saying pani chaina, Dawa came with his good karma and both our phones rang all the time.

@ 6 pm Thomas went to a meeting @ The Factory and the evening ended @ our Danish friend Liv’s farewell party @ Lazimpat Gallery Cafe.

Everything is surrealistic. As Thomas wrote on his personal blog. The day was like the Cabin Scene in Marx Brothers A Night At The Opera…

Above (or beside or under) all this the house is getting more and more into shape. There is still no solution regarding the front house which is a little annoying since this part of the project would have been completed if it wasn’ stopped. But on the other hand: The bathroom tower is growing – and growing fast!

People know we’re in town – actually it seems as if we’re talk of town – but that is something people will never admit. At our local super market all the locals look, point fingers, introduces themselves and ask curious questions. And @ the party @ LCG the international crowd congratulated us and asked for the opening date, prices etc. After 14 months of talk we’re really convinced that there is a huge need for Tings in Lazimpat.

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