30th June 2010: Our last day in Dili Raman Marg.

Our mood is below zero because of the problems with the front house!

Got a call from the Pants. They had talked with the engineer about the problems that has put a stop on the renovation of the front house. According to him we have had complaints from one of the neigbourghs.

Very frustrating because the only thing we are doing is shaping it up to higher quality standard – which is good for everybody, but also because these 3 rooms represents one third of the total hotel business. We have only nine rooms. If necessary we have to come up with alternative drawings.

One positive thing though.

“Hi sir – how is it going with your new house? When does your hotel open..? We’re really happy having you here…”

These words came from a guy Thomas met in Lazimpat Rd. this morning while he was shopping. He swears to God that he’d never met the guy before… but his kind words gave us energy…

And the most positive of it all. After seeing how the bathroom tower is taking shape we have a very good feeling.

Today they broke the walls from the south/eastern room on the ground floor and started building the small angle shaped corridor that leads to the bathroom:

The shape

Here you'll have the entrance leading to the bathroom from the south/eastern first floor room

Entrances from the bathrooms to the western room (left) and eastern room (right)

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