29th June 2010: the renovation of the front house has been stopped!!!

This part of the our project is causing us serious problems

The front house. 3 fantastic rooms and the perfect frame for the garden

Dawa called us in the morning. Ansari had call him and told him that the renovation of the front building that runs along the road has been stopped by someone from the municipality.

We have absolutely NO clue of what’s happening. We have only met friendly and encouraging people – except for a few negative vibes from the neighbor in front of our house.

We are of course aware there is problem with the building. But we have been informed all along the process that we can renovate it – in other words, not add a terace on first floor which was in our plan in the beginning. And then we were told that we can’t make a concrete roof – even though the roof we have just torn down was made of concrete years back!!!

The only thing we want to make is a bath room attached to the room on the top of the tower. An operation we were told might cause us problems – but not bigger problems that can’t be solved by paying 5.000 NRP.

It is very frustrating – especially as we are also facing VISA problems with immigrations, have the FDI on our backs and the Nepalese bureaucracy in general.

All though it’s difficult we have to look at the positive things that are happening:

After several days with ‘only’ the outline of the bathroom tower on the backside of the house things are growing slowly:

The foundation of the tower in process

Some unknown locals visited us yesterday. They were impressed by the thickness of the walls and the quality of the cement.  They should hav known that Annette doupled the depth oh the part of the foundation under the ground. The house is supposed to be earthquake safe. So why not follow that ‘tradition.

We are taking the risc and challenge destiny.  Ansaris’ workers are fantastic. They start before 6 am and finish when it gets dark. And they understand Annette’s ideas and way of thinking. And – more important – they are very considerate. They try to make as little noise and dust as possible and clean up every where.

According to the law of Karma there must be a lot of positive things waiting for us ‘out there’.

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