27th June 2010: The Toilet tower is getting into shape!

Hmm - why can't they make the tower round instead of oval like any other normal thinking person???

The last couple of days has been used preparing the the building of the bathroom tower  -breaking holes in the walls for the doors, making the outline in the soil, making the foundation beneath the soil etc. Important things – but not so interesting to look at.

But the interesting part, we take care of ourselves.

Today we brought our sunbeds and installed them on the terrace on the first floor so now we have a kind of office where we can do some off-line work, have meetings, entertain curious friends, or just relax.

Not much – but it works.

When we got to that the 'roof'' will be extended with 1 meter so the guests that stays @ Tings Lounge Hotel can sit and work, read, talk, eat or just relax in the shade OR covered from even the most heavy monsoon thunder storm!

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