Tuesday 22nd July 2010.

We can’t help thinking about how lucky we are NOT being in Europe during the financial crisis, worrying about job, carrier, ones property, the decrease in value of ones pensions and how Denmark is performing in South Africa.

We are so lucky being in one of the poorest countries in the world, fighting with tax offices, visa extension and new joint venture agreement. Just because we are so crazy and spend our hard earned money on someones else property building  ‘castles in the air’.

Isn’t that luck?

We think so. Beside the experience we get from working with Tings we meet a lot of interesting people. Foreigners passing by, foreigners living here and a lot of locals. And believe it or not – a lot exiting cultural events are happening here in Nepal…

Yesterday we got this invitation from Brendan – a kind of arrangement we can easily imagine happening @ Tings one day.

In the afternoon Anju Pants (our land lady) came by with an invitation for her sister’s wedding on Friday. Wonder what she thinks seeing their house as one big mess/ruin – we’re sure they’ll like it when it’s ready, but now? They want to celebrate their sons wedding @ Tings when the time comes. Isn’t that a good sign.

So if you’re sitting somewhere out there drowning in the financial crises – Kathmandu and Tings is not the worst place to be.

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