Monday 21st July 2010 – our first crisis!

…well, not a big one BUT one of those crises that could develop into something B I G  if not taken care of immediately.

And we did.

The core of the problem is the drawings from the architect. They are OK to get the official approvals from the municipalities etc. But they are useless as working directions!

And worse – they do not represent our ideas at all. The architect did mostly what he liked and did not listen to us.

So when we handed over the drawings to Ansari Annette told him to wait for her corrections before starting on the important parts. They agreed that Annette would have the first detailed drawings – specifying windows and doors etc in the front building – ready for Monday.

But that was of course what he did… started building before he got Annette’s drawings 😦

When Thomas arrived at the site this morning the walls of the front building was beginning to take shape – but a different shape that we wanted. The windows were wrong, the doors we’re OK but not exactly what we had in mind etc.

But the worst thing was the toilet to the far west.

See the door to the left. It represents the floor level in the room. The see the wooden door frame to the right. 1 feet above represents the floor level in the attached bathroom we are building. NOT GOOD UH?

The problem here is that the roof has to be – more or less – in level with the floor of the first floor in the corner building where we will have a room with attached bath. And the bath is going to be build on top of the new bathroom on the ground.

However, the corner building is not being rebuild and when making the new foundation for the rest of the front house they had not taken into consideration how to access the top corner room from the new bathroom, which is almost ½ meter above the corner building.

They hadn’t done that – when we came the was a 40 cm difference between the two levels, which means that the guests have to climb out of the room to get UP into the bath room LOL.

The problem is that the room is so small that we don’t have room for steps inside. A serious problem we have to deal with.

(Sort of) panic. Annette in action telling people about the problems and how we must avoid the in the future.

We tried to look at the problem in a positive and constructive way. Discussing different solutions: how much would it be possible to dig down? could we make some stairs in the corridor? etc.

Annette asked for tie break and got Sis and Ansari together and discussed not only the here-and-now problem but also ways to avoid future situations like this.

The deal is that Ansari tells Annette 3-5 days before starting bigger parts of the project – ie building the tower, starting up the top floor etc. Then she will finish the detailed drawings and hand them out to us all so we all agree on what to do.

Since before we started building Annette has asked for a plan of what to do when, but that seems impossible to get. So everyday bring a new surprise about what is up in a few days time.

Since we have to manage with  a language we do not speak, a different culture that has other ways of looking at things AND a very tight budget and timing it is necessary to be a little structured and organized…

So right now Annette is very busy making plans for the top floor, the bath tower and electricity.

The over all positive thing. The renovation of the house is happening. And its are happening FAST!

"Ansari, can't you see this part must be lowered? or we have to make stairs in the corridor?"

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