Wednesday 16th June 2010 – the beginning

We start working today. All the workers just arrived a couple of hours ago.

The first workers arriving...

If you are in the neighborhood around 6 pm come by for a cold Tuborg

The to-do-list is here.

Came back from Jorpati where signed the contract and handed over the down payment for Ansaris involvement in turning our new house into Tings Tea Lounge and Tings Lounge Hotel.

Sis called us and told us that Ansari had problems with the water. What exactly he meant we don’t know. Thomas called Jeet right away and told him  there was some kind of water problems and mentioned pani, pani, pani a couple of thousand times – just in case…

When later Thomas arrived with a bucket full of soaps, chlorine, metal sponges etc. ready to disinfect the chemical bomb we bought on an auction from the Danish Embassy month ago – better known as a stove+oven. There was lots of water in the kitchen.  And when he mentioned “pani” again, Jeet said something about a machine he will get tomorrow. Anasari’s eyes and face confirmed that there were no problems at all.

But one of the buildings had disappeared.

One of the new rooms with attached bath.

At least we still have our terrace...

Thomas spent 2 hours transforming his new darling in the kitchen from a dirt bomb into a lotus (you know the story) – the oven is as clean as a new born baby’s bottom.

The new kitchen altar

ready to use


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