Thursday 17th 2010

In September we will have a cool bathroom here, western style. Check out the girl walking behind – isn’t she cool!

Wauvv – things are moving fast now. Most of the building for ‘re/construction’ is torn down now.

Thomas went to the house around 8 am to fix the last things in the kitchen, so we can make ourselves a cup of tea, and prepared a list of actions for Jeet. Thursday is his day of at the restaurant, where he works now. His Tings day!

Jeet’s list of action points is long:

Get a Internet connection before the 25th. And if Sis hasn’t got a solution with a painter, find someone who can paint our interim room + kitchen. Then there was drinking water, gas, various shopping items, a lot of practical things with the house, find someone that can clean wash etc. when we move in etc. And move the roses from behind the house where the construction of bathroom tower will start  in a few days.

Most of it was either done or in progress when we left in the evening.

Meanwhile Annette was preparing the drawings for the front building.


The day was chaotic with problems, questions, bills, people and curious faces flying all around us.

The biggest problem – one that has been around since the first day we met Ansari (our constructor) – was PANI. Water.

We have never understood what the problem with the water is (or was). According to our landlords there is plenty of water…  but now we found out. It turned out that the machine that pumps water to the tanks on the roof was missing. The Pants took to it with them to their new apartment without telling us. The machine will be replaced asap and since Jeet also bought 15 meters of pipe we can now lead water to all corners of the site.

So from now on the P-Word is banned.

The dynamic duo in action

Ansari (our constructor, middle) & Jeet right.

We do not understand a word of the language spoken on construction site.

Problems occure all the time. And our only way to understand what the problem is – and get it solved –  is via the phone with Sis who still works during the day in Jorpati and arrives around 5 pm.

Sis in action during one of the day's construction meetings.

Sis knows Ansari from other projects and is top professional handling the situation when she arrives. She grows everyday… yesterday she and Annette cleared up all misunderstanding regarding the construction with the side building. It seems to us she is in her true element…

Sis meets her first employee for the first time. The rest of them she has to find her self - with our help of course.


Annette's beautiful lamp - 120 in diameter

Look at this beauty – Annette’s own design. It is H U G E and turns the room into something special – it makes me (Thomas) think of Avatar.

As soon as we get a better pix we will make a separate post in this blog

One thought on “Thursday 17th 2010

  1. Hvor er jeg glad for at læse, at det endelig skrider ordentligt frem. og fantastisk med vandpumpen, jeg tænker – ja naturligvis! 😉
    Er sikker på, at det bliver et fantastisk sted. KRam


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