Tuesday 15th June 2010


Today is the day we should have signed the construction contract and paid the advance so the constructor could buy the materials and start building tomorrow. But we still hadn’t heard a word form the architect about the approval of the new constructions.

Finally Annette managed to get hold of the architect. He told that one of neighbours had expressed concern about possible noise from Tings Tea Lounge and Tings Lounge Hotel. Grotesque – we’re not going to make a disco and won’t even have a generator! The cell phone connection was very bad – it wasn’t possible to continue the conversation and hear  the implications. We had to wait for a land-line connection later in the evening.

We wanted to play hardball,  call the  Landlords to tell them that our contract will be cancelled IF they don’t take care of the matter ASAP and make sure that everything will be OK. But again a bad connection.

We have to cancel the meeting with the constructor – and try to be patient untill we can get a better phone connection.

At 6 pm Annette gets a call from the architect – everything is OK. The neighbours had been concerned, but in the end they had agreed and signed the papers.  Now the final paperwork is being done, and the municipality have said that we can start building.

So now all uncertainty is over – and we can start working tomorrow! The last week we have aimed at this date – Buddhabar June 16 is the first day of the month in the Nepali calendar, and considered very auspicious. And thanks to the ‘drama’ we’ll also sign the contract on this day.

Thomas is sick 😦

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