Monday 14th 2010

We enters the final scenes of the Theater Play:  Negotiating with the constructor.

This time the stage is the house where we spend hours going through all the rooms – comparing the drawings with our list of the actual things we want to make/change.

The time spent on this is good. We cleared up all misunderstandings added a few things to the list and – most important – agreed on the timing. The whole process will be finished on 1st September.  We’re pretty sure that Ansari – our constructor – will make it. If not – he won’t get his bonus.

And the price?

We will not tell you here. It is more expensive than yesterday BUT it includes things we did not expect and therefor have budgeted elsewhere. More important – the budget is almost half of the one we got from Arjun.

And the most important: We both feel good about everything. We like Ansari – he seems as if he knows what he is doing.

One more important thing.

Our new manager has been involved in the project from day one. She has done all the negotiating, bargaining and dealing. It is at show to watch her – she acts with more and more confidence every time we meet her and convince us again and again that she really is the right Manager for Tings.

And the bonus: Dawa and Sonam is involved too.

And YES, our manager is SIS! But don’t tell anyone.

Thomas is researching web providers. It’s possible to get a 1MB/1MB cable line for all most the same price as we pay for our hopeless connection with World-link. INCLUDING TV.
WiFi is a most!

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