Monday 24th + Tuesday 25th May 2010

Our second recommendation!

Just arrived back in Kathmandu after our combined research and relaxation trip…

Our first recommendation was the Bhaktaopur tip below.

Our second recommendation – and final for now – is getting the hell out of Kathmandu and recharge your batteries so you are able to inhale a lot more of all the things Kathmandu (and the valley) has to offer.

Normally people go to Pokhara and/or Chitwan. We do that too,  and enjoy it.

This time we took the car and went towards the Tibetan border and visited all the resorts along the way.

Let’s jump straight to the conclusion.

The Last Resort is the only place worth going to. At least if you are like us and will like the ambiance etc. @ Tings when it opens. Borderland next door are too pretentious and the staff too arrogant (sorry) – the other resorts are too lousy.

Breakfast view

Most people take one of the one day package tours from Thamel that includes transportation, a bungy jump, wild river rafting etc.

Again we recommend to stay @ least one night. Like in Bhaktapur the whole scenery changes completely when the last bus returns with the one day guests to Kathmandu…

The resort is packed with beautiful details. Like this flower decoration.

The resortes is packed with beautiful details. .... This is 'only' flowers.

The Last Resort is the perfect playground for big boys and big girls with all their adventurous offers – especially the bung Jump that should be the third highest in the world.

World's 3rd highest jump.

Are U ready to Jump?

But it’s also the perfect spot to read a book, go for a walk to the neighbouring villages, enjoy a massage and cool down when it gets too hot in the pond where the cold water floats from the peaks.

Take a swim in the cold and clear water from the Himalayas.

The scenery with all the flowers, birds beautiful stone houses, mountains, gorges, rivers and colorful locals is a paradise. And it’s just outside your tent (Yes, you sleep in furnished tents with private terrasse. The common bathrooms are spotless clean AND plenty)

Add to that the most friendly staff you can dream off.

And it’s only 3 hours from Tings.

Our new friend!

Very funny!
The word is out. When Thomas went shopping in Blue Moon the cashier congratulated him with the house… and asked him to Annette’s former job @ Carlsberg. He got the informations from Gorkha Brewery’s local sales rep.

Very annoying!
Our architect promised us budget + timing for the rebuilding of our new house today. But there was nothing when we returned to Kathmandu. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

This mother f***** is killing us.

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