Wednesday 26th May 2010

Very busy day.

Went to our very good friend Chirag’s exhibition Figurative Transitions @ Nepal Art Council Gallery in Barbar Mahal. We love his paintings and want him to advise us on the art exhibitions @ Tings where we would like to present the works of local artists… and of course works by Chirag.

Met the Norwegian Ambassador Thor Gislesen and introduced him to our plans. He really liked them.

Annette @ Chirag's exhibition @ Nepal Art Council Gallery

10 years of excellent works by Chirag

On the way back I went to meet Sudeep and Prakash to discuss our web projects in progress, while Annette checked out tiles and other stuff for the bathrooms @ Tings.

Dinner @ our local favorite Tandoori Fast Food with Felicia from San Diego. Another of our friends from A Small World that mailed us spontaneously. Our international network is getting bigger and bigger.

We got a new friend in our network – the writer and poet Yuyutsu RD Sharma, whom we met @ the Cafe.

His collection of 25 short poems – Everest Failures – is mind blowing. Short and precise like this one:

Best Poems

The kisses you
refused were the best

like the poems
on the Lake I didn’t write.

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