Sunday 23rd May 2010

Just started a combined research and relaxation trip.

First stop is Bhaktapur where we checked in last night after we left Kiki’s.

People normally visit Bhaktapur on a ½ day trip from Kathmandu. But after staying here one night our recommendation is to spent at least one night here.

Once the tourists returns to Kathmandu around 4 pm the city changes completely. People take over the streets and pick up the life they have been living since the beginning of time. The temples become the center for the local evening trade where people shop vegetables for dinner – or eat from one of the many food stalls that pops up from out of nowhere. people are chatting, singing, sleeping or just doing nothing all around you in the lights from the candles, oil lamps or small fires that burns everywhere…

We know it sounds stupid. But stay one night less @ Tings and spent it in one of Bhaktapur’s many excellent Hotels and Guest Houses. You never know how long it will last…

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