22nd May 2010

Charity is one of the ideas behind Tings and  Kiki’s Children’s Home is one of the charity projects Tings will support once we’re up and running. we hav been friends of the house since the first time we met Kiki @ a party @ Gamcha Organic Farm.

Today we went to their annual  birthday party.

None of the kids don’t know the day of their birth. So every year on 22 May they arrange one big common birthday party with presents, guests, show and singing and dancing.

We spent the money we have earned on some of our web projects on one big present for them all. A trip to the Movie House in Patan one of the upcoming Saturdays.

Our idea was to make a poster frame it and and hang it on the wall. But it was impossible to find someone that could print it for us. It was Saturday and most of the printing shops were closed – and those shops we did find had no electricity.

We’re really looking forward to the trip to the cinema. And to get involved in other projects…

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