21th May 2010

Thought we were going to see Annette’s new lamp to day. The one she designed for Santos and the one we will use @ Tings…

But when the lamp-maker knocked on our door @ 7:20 am he only carried half of the mould with him.

Before he left again he handed over his mobile where his boss was on the line.

He wanted more money! Unbelievable!!

It’s more than six weeks ago we started the project. At that time we made a down payment of 8.000 NRP and agreed to pay 2.000 NRP more WHEN we had the final mould and first lamp in our hands.

Wonder when that will happen.

Skyped with Line for almost an hour discussing her first draft for Tings design/visuals. We are in line and will receive the next version on Tuesday next week.

It’s getting closer…. 🙂

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