20th May 2010

I’ve managed 6 things today!

That was Annette’s first comments when I met up with her around 3:20 pm after a couple of hours @ the office.

She had picked up the car from the garage, looked for tiles for Tings, checked out her lamp (own design), her bag (own design), cashed in a check (a project on it’s own here in Nepal) and had a meeting with our accountant about Tings.

Impressing since here in Nepal we’re normally happy if we manage 2 things like that in one day. And I – my self – haven’t solved one single project on my list. VERY FRUSTRATING!

@ 4 pm we met with Geet – the young man that looks after the Pant’s house.

Geet will continue working with us and our meeting was primarily to introduce ourselves and get a first impression. He seems like a very cool guy. We were sitting on the lawn – something we really miss and something we’re a looking forward to doing again once we’re settled and Tings is up and running.

During our conversation Ramesh told us about a Danish friend of his.  A woman that lives in Boudanilkant and is married to a Tibetan Lama:

You meen Pia and Karma?

…yes he said and continued with a scary story about Pia and Karma’s holiday in Phuket during the tsunami.

It’s a very small world – and another good sign!

Dinner @ our favourite Tandoori and to bed early… we were both tired and a little bit sick

The best Nepali Food les than 5 minutes from Tings

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