17th May 2010

What is a Tea Lounge and a Lounge Hotel without art?

Nothing – right!

Like music, incense, flowers and the interior design in general art is of course something we focus on in order to create the right ambiance.

There are so many talented artist i Nepal – and we would love to show as much as we can @ Tings. And if some of our artist friends drop by for a visit it could be great fun to show their art to the Nepalese.

Tings Tea Lounge will be the perfect surroundings for that.

Our problem is that we can’t handle everything – so why not copy/paste good ideas from our local bar Byens Kro.

Ralf arrange monthly or bi monthly exhibitions by new and fresh art students + up coming artist and other talented and gifted artist with attitude and works that fits into the universe of Byens Kro.

Ralf is NOT arranging the exhibitions himself. He gets help from the established artis Christian Finne who knows what’s happening on the art scene. And it works fantastic!

We want to do the same @ Tings. And luckily for us our good friend and artist (painter, writer, DJ) Chirag also likes the idea.

We had a drink with him last night @ Bhumis where we discussed the different possibilities. No conclusions but a lot of ideas.

We’re looking forward to continue our talks when we meet next week.

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