16th May 2010

One more day around Kathmandu.

We had an appointment with our friends. Lunch @ Pauline’s Guest House today. BUT that turned out to be an impossible appointment because they have a party with 15 guests booked all ready. So the lunch is now postponed  until 30th May.

Instead we took the Gypsy for another trip around Kathmandu – again to check out the possibilities. The trip was OK – but nothing special.

The highlight of the day 1
We had a very fruitful talk with a potential manager for Tings. A close friend that proposed herself on Friday. We have a strong feeling that something right is in progress.

The highlight of the day 2
Annette finished her written comments to Lines first visuals and mailed them to her. As soon as we have something to show we will post them on these sites…

The big question 1
Thomas web set up has it’s big test this weekend. We have a deadline Monday @ 2 pm. Will the boys deliver?

Todays breakfast
Water melon without seeds (Thomas removed them!), fresh bananas, fresh mint leaves, local yoghurt and freshly squeezed limes…

And a piece of art by Nina Kruger

… and the piece of art behind the breakfast bowl is by Nina Kruger, Line’s mother.

And BTW, congrats to Line – it’s her birthday today.

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