18th May 2010

No news regarding Tings. Things are very slow..

But we have a lot of other business.

We’re starting up on May’s project – design/visuals in general + web. This is a very interesting projects which gives – especially Annette – an insight in working with local graphic designers.  Briefing-skype-meeting on Friday.

On the web front the level of activity increases day by day. We’re finishing brand new website that landed in our mailbox less than a week ago, Odd Nerdrum Phase II will be finalized as soon as we get the last info from Norway/Cairo. And 2-4 new projects are in the pipeline. We’re wiser next week.

The strange (funny) thing is that I actually havn’t got a clue about what’s going on. We started out developing websites – but @ the moment the actual websites are developed i Denmark and programmed here in Kathmandu.

I better get some basic knowledge about Joomla, UMBRACO, php, HTML, Dropal, WordPress.

But then again – is it really necessary to know about programming?

Aren’t an attitude to what and how to communicate, as well as experience in handling big projects, network and curiosity just as important?

We hope so – ’cause that’s what we have that…

Looking forward to
Birthday @ Kikis on Saturday – the money we earn from our projects should be enough for something special to give. But what?

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