15th May 2010

Relaxed all day with out thinking of Tings.

That’s not true!

Actually our plan was to leave the valley for a couple of days – for a combined research and relax trip to the area near the Tibetan border, leaving Saturday, returning Tuesday.

Except for our travel to Tibet along the Friendship Highway in 2000, we have not researched that corner of Nepal – only up to fantastic river beach at Dolalgat. We have to checkout Borderland Resort, The Last Resort etc in order to be able to at least give our own personal experiences if we get questions from future guests.

But we’re still in Kathmandu, and our research trip starts on Tuesday. 3 days on the road…YEAH!

Instead we took the Gypsy out on a picnic. First to Bungamati – a beautiful village, almost untouched by tourism, filled with local life and less than ½ hour from TINGS. It was harvest time so the main square was humming with activity.

Less than ½ hour from Tings by car

From there we took the back roads to Pharping. This is a very nice spot to relax, meditate, do a puja or just do nothing. The Tibetan Pharping Ganesh and Saraswati Temple is definitely worth a visit. And it is only 1 hour from Kathmandu. We’ll take guest there some time…

Don’t miss the Gorakhnath Cave above.

Stopped over for lunch @ Chobar Le Village Resort. The name is a little misleading since it only has 3 rooms. But very nice ones. A perfect stop over if you’re killing time with a 2-3 day trek around Kathmandu during a strike…

A nice quiet spot only 8 km from Kathmandu

The dinner last night went very well. Except for the dessert the food was OK – needs some refining though. And the Vietnamese spring rolls do not need shrimps. Tofu and spicy omelet is much tastier.

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