13th May 2010 (Tuborg’s Birthday)

It’s one of the religious holidays in Denmark. So the web is very quiet.

We have invited Pia & Karma  for dinner tomorrow.  They make the most fantastic Carpets and pashminas in the world!!!

So I spend most of the day preparing the dinner. From now on we ONLY served dishes planned for Tings.

I prepared Gazpacho – in a slightly local version with coriander – and made croutons. I also prepared a few ingredients for the Vietnamese fresh spring rolls (in rice paper): Shredded egg omelet (mixed with oyster sauce) and a couple of other things. We will by all the herbs and vegetables tomorrow morning – they have to be very fresh.

Dinner with Raj (from Lazimpat Gallery Cafe). When Nikolaj Kirk called and asked for the best local restaurants, Raj had no doubt @ all: Hilton Guest House & Thakali Bhancha.

Raj was right!

We got the best Dal Bath from a restaurant, ever!!! This is NOT the last time we go there…

I tried to Google it but found only a few recommendations on a Tourist Trap in Thamel – of the same name. They may serve excellent food – BUT we doubt they reach the same level as the one in Sundhara. The bill was 750 NRP for the 3 of us – including beer. 10 $.   Eat as much as you can!

Had a good-night-drink @ Bhumi Lounge – looking forward to recommend that hang out to our guests @ Tings.

A happy message.
Got a massage on FB – a dear friend of ours wants to work for us. And it’s a female!

One more happy message
Vivienne likes this blog. And more important: She likes our idea and vision for Tings. We’re looking forward to entertain her in Kathmandu…

Progress I
We got the first directions for the visual identity for Tings – looks good, but of course – still a long way to go. Annette is a harsh critic – resulting in great solutions.

Progress II
Two days ago we almost freaked out because of the staff situation. We need a manager and ASAP. It is important to us that the person in charge gets an opportunity to hire the staff him/her self. Right now we have several options…

Progress III
Thomas got the morning sound in place. He has been listening to Keith Jarrett for the last 50 hours NON STOP! Jarretts music is very close to being the perfect morning soundtrack @ Tings.

BUT that can (and will) change a LOT before the opening.

Action I
We’ll start looking for alternative construction workers. We don’t want to place ourselves in a situation where we are forced to say GO to what ever is presented to us.

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