12th May 2010

Still no news from the architect! It is stressing us. We take over the house in 2½ weeks, and we still have NO approval of the changes we want to make. And NO idea about the costs!


In the evening we had a wonderful dinner together with the Pants – the land owners. They are busy packing their stuff some the house can be ready to take over as agreed. Again the Nepali tradition of starting the evening with snacks and ending it with Good-Night-dinner confused us.

When we prepared ourselves for leaving around 9:30, the Pants got panic in their eyes:

But what about dinner?

Of course we stayed and enjoyed the most delicious Dal Bath one can imagine. As everybody say: You always get the best local food in private homes. That’s true.

During our conversations we found out that the house used to be the home of a very sacred old statue of Buddha Sakyamuni brought down to Kathmandu in from Lhasa the 50’ties by his grandfather.

For years ago the Pants didn’t dare to have it in the house anymore, and gave it to one of the monasteries in Swayambu four years ago.

On Buddha’s birthday on 27th May we will al go to the temple @ 7:30 in the morning.

We’re looking forward to that.

The down sides right now
the uncertainty about everything regarding the rebuilding stress us. We fight and argument a lot.

All our computers break down one by one 🙂

The up sides right now
We have each other and we love the new house.

Thomas gets a lot of new web projects from Denmark

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