11th May 2010

Very quiet – WE ARE RESTLESS! – we are struggling to get used to how slowly things go.

Annette went to check out her lamp in Patan. HER OWN DESIGN. Of course it was not finished (after six weeks). And of course they wanted more money up front (2.000 NRP – and we all ready payed them 8.000 NRP!!!).

Except for a couple of meetings and some skyping I was in bed most of the day. I’m not feeling well. But managed to go to Lazimpat Gallery Cafe around 7:30 PM to check out Adrian & Desmond for an hour. They asked for music requests when we entered. I suggested Black Peter by The Grateful Dead – they didn’t know it…

High light of the day.
The Pants – our new land lords – invited us for dinner on Wednesday. Looking forward to that.

Looking forward to
Line will forward the first drafts for Tings Website today.

Lillian Klages gave people living in Kathmandu a name. We are Kathmanians.

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