Thursday 29th 2010

The full moon is over.

Yesterday I prepared a few of the future snacks/dishes for Tings Tea Lounge. Gazpacho, Tapanade made of Mushrooms+Cumin+Coriander and a Green Salad with my favorite coco/peanut/lime-dressing.  My plan was also to make Vietnamese spring rolls but our guests cancelled due to the planned Maoist-mayday-activities.

Vivienne suggests on FB to come and perform for the Maoists on 1st May: Would they be my potential audience if I did a show in Kathmandu ? …gulp !

I get then picture!

The Dame cheering up 100.000 crazy troublemakers that haven’t got a clue on where they are, what they are doing and why AND what the F*** Bent Van Helsingør is doing… LOL

I’ll suggest her to do a performance later – in more private surroundings – @ Tings Lounge Hotel with Annette and myself and delicious food as the only ‘ingredients’

— o 0 o —

I would die to see Bent perform in Kathmandu...:-)
Goddag , goddag , goddag,
my name is Dr van Helsigør fra Elsinore but you can call me Bent !
You’re bent!

“What do I have in my taske today ? “

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